Heyo it’s Mayo– MCAS Series #4- 20 Steps to Healing

Finding this video made a world of difference to me.  I found it at a point when I wasn’t sure if anyone ever really got better from MCAS.

Thank you so much, Savannah, for posting this and sharing your journey.

I wanted to jot down a few notes about what she said because writing is, personally, how I process and internalize things.  So I wanted to write this out, in list form, to really make sure I absorb it.

#1. Build the A-Team.  

I’ve been doing this slowly, but it’s been falling into place.

#2. Make a custom and unique health plan that works for you!

Savannah found that she was not “the average case” because she was having just about ALL of the adverse reactions.  Once she and her team decided to treat her like a 100% unique case, things got a lot better.

#3. Trust yourself 

#4. Genetic testing

I’m planning to ask her where they did this, and what kind of testing they did.

#5. Anti-histamine Medication

I’m not sure if this is going to work for me, because all ant-histamines seem to knock me out.

#6. Low-histamine and low-inflammation food

She cooks all of her food– cooking reduces histamine (?)

She explains it does cook off some of the vitamins, but it’s been working for her.

Local and homegrown produce reduces allergens as well because it’s from the area where you are.

#7. Less is more

Rather than taking multiple supplements, better to eat nutrient-rich food.

She was only able to eat 2 foods at one point.  Added in new foods very slowly.

Identified vitamin deficiencies through testing and added in very pure supplements

Only takes Vitamin C and D

#8. Small and frequent meals

Easier to digest, releases less histamine at one time

was eating a small meal hourly when she was at her worst

bumped it up to every 2 hours

#9. What you put on your body matters just as much.

Body absorbs 70% of what you put on it

switched to all-natural brands

#10 Tweak lifestyle– No stress zone

She realized it was counter-productive to add new things into her life when she was stressed.   Because stress releases histamine.  So if she was stressed, she couldn’t accurately judge if she was reacting to the new thing or not.

#11. Routine

Eat at the same times, schedule appointments at same time, same day

#12. Low stress, low inflammation hobbies

#13. Slow and steady wins the race

#14. MCAS is like PTSD of the body

Like PTSD, have to face triggers in small and controlled doses.

Have to retrain mind and body not to overreact

She and her team plan out her next steps MONTHS in advance so that, by the time comes, she is mentally prepared.

#15. Less is more

Less stress, less chaos, less pills, less ingredients  –> less inflammation, more healing

#16. Good vibes only

Life is no-negativity zone… people places even items of clothes

#17. It is “in your head”

Mindset is everything.  Have to get your mind in the right place.

“I found that training my brain to be and think healthy translated immediately to my bod being more healthy.”

“Everything is connected, so don’t neglect anything.”

#18. Mind, body, soul

Have to heal on every level.  She had to focus on it every single day.

Find something you’re passionate about– fulfill life purpose

Keeps soul aligned and feeling good.

What you put in your body matters, what you put on your body matters, where you take your body matters

#19. Listen to your intuition

Every health decision starts and ends with you

#20. There is no magic instant cure

It is a long process and it was ALL of the steps she took that saved her life.


Thank you SO much Savannah!





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