Dr. Castells’ thought on food activating mast cells

I found this question on the World Allergy Organization website, where it appears doctors can ask questions of other doctors.


Here’s a question I was wondering about, myself:

Does mast cell activation and release occur in non-atopic food intolerance? What is the evidence, for and against?

By Dr Mariana Castells

There is indirect evidence through the measurement of mast cell mediators that GI mast cells can be activated by certain foods in patient with mastocytosis and MCAS. In non mastocytosis patients there is no evidence of mast cell activation in food intolerance which has a wide definition: from lactose intolerance which does not involve mast cell activation and is the result of lactase deficiency to gluten enteropathy which is an IgG mediated immune reaction.


My thoughts:

Need to find out more about this.  What is atopic and non atopic food intolerance, and how does that relate to the strange bumps I get on my arms after eating certain foods?

And do the arm bumps relate to foods that could act more locally to trigger IBS-like symptoms in the GI tract?



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