Dr. Castells interview with Yasmina, Part 2: Stress and Mast Cells


How does stress, or our ability to successfully deal with it, impact our prognosis, or the intensity of symptoms we experience? Essentially, what’s our role in this this condition – are we really helpless bystanders at the mercy of our mast cells?

Dr Castells:

“I think really when the patient realises that, and in having a positive attitude about the disease, the impact is tremendous. But not everybody is prepared, not everybody wants to do that. So the recipe is to tell the patient: your disease can actually be treated or it can be managed in a way that you could have an almost normal life – it depends greatly on you, if you have an attitude towards that, to be convinced about this, and then to have less triggers in your life, whether physical, emotional stress, whether the impact of your job.”







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