Dr. Castells’ dietary recommendations

I’m really fortunate that I managed to get an appointment with Dr. Castells, a world-renowned expert on mast cell disease.   I know that not everyone is so fortunate as to have someone like Dr. Castells practicing near them, so part of the purpose of my blog will be to pass on the things I learned from her.


Here are the list of food triggers Dr. Castells recommend that I avoid.  These are foods that either contain high amounts of histamine, or encourage the body to release histamine:

  • alcohol
  • caffeine
  • cured meat or fish (I think this means super-aged stuff like salami)
  • chocolate
  • aged/moldy cheese
  • hot & spicy foods

I thought it was interesting that she didn’t specifically recommend a particular diet, such as a low-histamine diet, beyond that.

She told me that she recommended things like “grains, fresh fruits, fresh vegetables,” and also mentioned white fish (which, I believe is referring to lower fat fish).

She explained that mast cells like fat– I don’t know exactly what this means, but she suggested that I avoid too much fat in my diet.

She also said that she tells all her patients to “lose a few pounds,” as it also helps to “keep your mast cells in check.”  (I personally am a little bit overweight for my height right now, so her suggestion seemed reasonable).


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