Dr. Anne Maitland: Living with Mast Cell Activation Syndrome

I really love Dr. Anne Maitland’s talks.  The first time I watched this lecture marked the very first time I felt hopeful about anything at all.

Some notes/quotes:

“The mast cell has come to the forefront (of research) in the past 10 years… which means the rest of the medical community will get it in about 10 years.”

“If your mast cells are improperly mediated, it’s kind of like calling the police and the SWAT team in when there’s a cat in a tree.”

International shortage of allergy/immunology specialists

Out of 77 training programs, in the US, only THREE focus on mast cell(?).

co-morbid psychiatric illness: part of disease itself, part of lack of response of medical community


work with doctor

get best working diagnosis

maintain normal function as much as possible, prevent exacerbations

interventions: chiropractor, functional neurologist, acupuncture, medical cannibis… role for all of these treatments depending on what’s causing mast cells to overreact


Type of trigger and type of mediator released determines what symptoms will be

Treatments going after the factors that get elucidated when mast cells triggered


mast cells are not blood borne

only found in tissue

This is why you really need a biopsy, blood tests can’t detect


mast cells don’t only release histamine

in fact sometimes they don’t release it at all and only reduce other mediators


throat symptoms can be post-nasal drip or laryngopharyngeal reflux


when you meet a doctor, describe all the “little things” you could ignore, because they paint part of picture

better to prevent future complications





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