Note to self: If you get lazy about your allergy protocol, you WILL suffer!

With everything else I’ve had going on recently (heat sensitivity, recovering from my chiropractic injury, etc.) I got way behind on my allergy protocol.  It’s August– I hadn’t done a thorough washing of all of my bedding, quilts, pillows, etc. since June.  So like, a month and a half.  (They say to do it every 2 weeks).

I was okay for a while…

But I also got behind on vaccuuming…

And I took a chance and started bringing some of my older, dustier things from past apartments into this apartment.  For example, I brought in my super heavy blackout curtains, back from before I even knew I had allergies.

All of a sudden, I caught a cold.  Then I got better… then two days later I caught another cold.

Only, I realized that this second cold probably wasn’t really a cold… this has happened to me many times before.  (Sorry this is kind of gross but)…

What happens is I’ll have a cold, and my immune system will fight off the virus that caused it initially.  BUT colds can often turn into bacterial infections because of all the mucus etc. that’s sitting in your nasal passages (sorry!).

So I realized it was EXTREMELY unlikely that I caught another totally different cold virus two days later.

I was in bed for like 24 hours resting and then BAM!

I was up cleaning.


I did all my laundry with my special anti-allergen wash.

It was not very much fun.

But now that it’s over, the difference really is night and day.

These allergy protocols really do work.  Maybe they aren’t a 100% bullet, but WOW.  I definitely see the difference.


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